2021-22 projects

Weed warriors of our waterways: eradicating priority pests for a healthy river

  • Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board
  • $808,978
  • This funding will support coordination throughout the region, to pursue landscape scale restoration and repair within riverine ecological communities, via the management of aquatic and invasive weeds which have a significant negative impact on the health of River Murray lagoons, wetlands and feeder creeks. This will leverage 10 years of invasive weed control in the river channel.

Resilient Coastal Ecosystems in Northern and Yorke Caring for our Coastal Way – Sustainable ways to showcase and protect our coast

  • Northern and Yorke Landscape Board
  • $969,900
  • This project, developed in partnership with the Northern & Yorke Regional Alliance and Legatus “Coastal Council Alliance”, aims to build the resilience of the natural Northern and Yorke coastline, to achieve a viable coastal eco-system which supports and enhances sustainable coastal communities and tourism opportunities.

Eyes on Eyre – restoring the health of Eyre Peninsula’s coastal environment

  • Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board
  • $710,000
  • The sustainable management of our coastal environment, especially in the face of climate change, is vital for the survival of threatened ecosystems and species, and in underpinning the growth of our regional communities, our economy, wellbeing and, way of life. This project will enable stakeholders throughout the region to provide much needed protection and enhancement of Eyre Peninsula’s stunning coastal environment, through track rationalisation, revegetation, pest control and the development of educational signage.

Pathways to Compliance - Farmed Deer

This project will support small farmers with a novel pathway to farmed deer compliance. This de-stocking initiative will provide deer farmers, who are prepared to exit the industry at a no-cost option, with the opportunity to humanely manage unsaleable animals. This innovative approach will help reduce the environmental, agricultural, and safety risk posed by feral deer.

Regenerating Catchments in the Mid North Farmscape

  • Northern and Yorke Landscape Board
  • $328,565
  • This project will work with stakeholders to carry out on-ground work and capacity building aimed at improving the condition and productivity of the mid-north farming landscape. This funding will support delivery of outcomes to increase the health of the landscape including improvement of soil health and permeability, reduced erosion, improvements to sustainable agricultural practices (water management, shelter belts, increased soil cover, increased awareness of carbon neutral farming), threat abatement activities within remnant native vegetation (weed control, stock access, water-point relocation), contributing to local biodiversity (woodland birds) and environmental services