Nomination FAQ

Why aren’t there going to be elections as allowed for in the Landscape South Australia Act 2019?

Boards, peak bodies and the general community have raised serious concerns about holding board elections at the same time as local council elections. They also voiced opposition to holding board elections due to costs and the risk of not achieving an appropriate balance of skills and experience required. Following this feedback, it has been decided not to hold elections in November 2022. Instead, an open, transparent and robust process will be undertaken, with a widely promoted six-week call for board member nominations from 22 August to 30 September.

What sort of skills are required to be a board member?

We need strategic thinkers ready to empower our communities to sustainably manage our state’s landscapes; our land, water, pest plants and animals, and biodiversity.

Landscape board members will include experienced, emerging, and respected community leaders, often with established networks with relevant stakeholders and partners.

The areas listed in the application form are considered essential characteristics/skills required by landscape board members and will form part of the selection process.

Your application will be considered in terms of a match between the general capabilities, and the broad range of skills, experience and knowledge outlined in the application form and your supporting CV.

What is process for selecting board members?

Applications will be considered in terms of a match between the general capabilities, and the broad range of skills, experience and knowledge outlined in the application form and your supporting CV.

Can existing board members reapply?

Current board members who are keen to continue are encouraged to apply. While applications from current board members will be considered along with those from other applicants to ensure that the board has the best mix of available skills and experience, the continuity provided by reappointing at least some current board members will also be a consideration.

If my application is successful, how long will my term on the board be?

Board members are appointed for up to four years. It is likely that some members will be appointed for two years, with others appointed for four years. This approach aims to ensure continuity for the board as a whole.

When will I know if my application has been successful?

Applications close on 30 September 2022, with applicants being advised of the outcome when the selection process is complete. Board members will be formally appointed from February 2023.

How many consecutive terms can a board member serve?

A member of a regional landscape board is, at the expiration of a term of office, eligible for reappointment. There is no restriction on consecutive terms.

Can I apply for membership of a board if I don’t reside in that region?

While candidates will ideally live locally in the region they are applying for, those who live elsewhere and have a deep understanding of the region’s landscape management will also be considered.

What is the role of the chair?

The presiding member, known as the chair, is also a member of the landscape board, and shares the same responsibilities as other members. In addition, chairs are expected to:

  • be a strategic leader and form key partnerships at the regional, state and national level
  • lead the recruitment of board members
  • work with the board and the Chief Executive DEW to monitor their general manager’s performance agreement
  • oversee the general manager’s performance and provide guidance where required
  • oversee and provide leadership to improve the performance and effectiveness of the board in delivering its statutory functions under the Act
  • develop a culture of performance excellence and continuous improvement for the board and ensure regular performance reviews
  • facilitate the proceedings of the board by running effective board meetings and managing the effectiveness, frequency and length of meetings
  • promote effective management of landscapes and systems across regions and the state, by working with peers, and with a range of partner organisations to coordinate effort across regions and inform national and statewide policy directions
  • lead the board in helping communities to navigate potentially divisive or controversial issues from time to time.
How is the chair of the board appointed?

One of the board members will be appointed as chair by the Minister for Climate, Environment and Water.

How much time are board members expected to commit?

Members can expect to commit between two and four days per month to board business. This includes contributions to board meetings and workshops, subcommittees, training, travel time, community engagement and consultation. Time commitments will vary between boards.

The presiding member (chair) engages in a broader range of functions supporting the board, requiring more time.

How much do board members get paid?

Landscape board members are entitled to sitting fees, allowances and reimbursement of some expenses.

The levels of remuneration for board members are:

Presiding member: $26,534 per annum

Members: $206 per four hour board meeting session.

This includes an expectation that members will spend up to three hours in preparation / reading time per meeting.

Reimbursement can also be claimed within certain parameters for meals, accommodation and travel costs (for example, taxis and airfares) and motor vehicle mileage.

Are landscape board members provided with training?

Landscape board member appointments are subject to member participation in the board’s induction process, including relevant training. They are also subject to appropriate probity checks regarding insolvency, national police clearance, identification and declaration of interests and a satisfactory lobbyist engagement declaration. These undertakings will occur in the first months of appointment.

Why is Green Adelaide different?

Applications are not being sought for the Green Adelaide Board at this time as the terms of the staggered positions don’t expire until 30 June 2023 and 30 June 2024. These members are appointed by the Minister.