Volunteers play a vital role in managing the care of country in the Alinytjara Wiluṟara (AW) region.

Aṉangu from communities across AW have a long history of caring for the different sub-landscapes in the region and continue to work together with AW Landscape staff to sustainably manage the land now and into the future. Volunteers who are involved in projects in AW learn about landscape management alongside Aṉangu and people from other regions.

It is through the contribution of time, energy, expertise, equipment and resources by volunteers and partnerships in the region that AW Landscape staff can:

  • effectively gather important baseline data about the state of the region
  • increase knowledge of sustainable land management programs
  • monitor the health and trends of local flora, fauna and pest species.

Volunteering in the AW region is a rewarding experience for people of all ages and presents an opportunity to make new friends, learn new things and have fun while keeping fit in the South Australian outback.

Volunteering with the AW Landscape Board

If you are interested in volunteering with the AW Landscape Board, please contact us to find out about the various opportunities we can offer. We provide job specific and occupational health and safety training and can help with information about accommodation and travel.

Volunteering with other groups

The Department for Environment and Water has various volunteering opportunities available throughout the state. There are other local groups such as Landcare Australia, Bush for Life and Friends of Parks South Australia.

The Friends of the Great Victoria Desert

The Friends of the Great Victoria Desert is an active volunteer group in the AW region, helping AW increase biological knowledge of the region through high standard biodiversity assessments.

Desert Discovery group

Desert Discovery volunteer group members work closely with AW Landscape Board, Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation and Traditional Owners in the AW region to collect important flora and fauna information.