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Work with us


The Alinytjara Wiluṟara Landscape Board is committed to increasing Aboriginal employment, training and engagement outcomes within our programs.

To better engage Aṉangu community members in work on Country in the AW region, the Board:

  • contributes to the economic development of the communities we work in and, whenever possible, uses local resources
  • provides skills development through training and mentoring, where/if capacity is limited
  • supports land management work by overseeing contract-based employment.


The AW team has delivered numerous training activities for people across the AW region:

  • workplace health and safety
  • survey techniques
  • pitfall trap training
  • safe handling of chemicals
  • water testing
  • four-wheel-driving
  • volunteering
  • central Australian wetland survey procedure
  • digital story telling
  • pre-employment
  • cyber tracker

We also:

  • support community members and Aboriginal staff to attend appropriate conferences, workshops and other training opportunities
  • provide opportunities for young Aboriginal people through the Aboriginal Traineeship Program
  • host visitor groups
  • host work experience students

Board membership:

Expressions of Interest are sought on an ongoing basis.

The AW Landscape Board is seeking applications from Aṉangu who live within the AW region or elsewhere, and have proof of their connection to Country within the region.

Please complete the Expression of Interest application form and the CV template to be considered for membership with the Alinytjara Wiluṟara Landscape Board.

On completion of both, email to:

For assistance or queries please call:

Phone: 08 8463 4860
Mobile: 0408 295 039