Sustainable pastoral management in the APY Lands

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APY Lands' Landscape and Livestock Management Centres

The APY Pastoral team has begun construction of their third Landscape and Livestock Management Centre (LLMC) in APY Pastoral Lands in mid-April. These permanent and purpose built stockyards allow cattle grazing around water access points to be better managed, with a key objective being the ability for early intervention to prevent land degradation.

The only way to really appreciate the impact of installing these important structures is to go and see for yourself which is just what AW's General Manager Damian Miley and Operations Manager James Thiessen did in December 2020 and again in April 2021.

The LLMCs provide the facilities to carry out animal husbandry in a low stress environment whereby cattle access the water by entering the LLMC via one way gates and leave via another.

APY Pastoral is committed to developing a sustainable Pastoral Grazing Business and an effective land management system that can be rolled out across all available grazing areas of APY Lands. This will bolster Aboriginal communities across the lands both socially and economically.

The AW Landscape Board supports APY Pastoral to create jobs and provide training to Aṉangu through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program. Read more about Pastoral Development in APY Lands here.

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