AW and SAAL NRM Boards view to the future

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Building parnerships: AW NRM Board and SAAL NRM Board

19 December 2018

The Alinytjara Wiluṟara Natural Resources Management (AW NRM) Board’s most recent meeting was convened in Port Augusta to provide an opportunity for collaborative discussions with members of the SA Arid Lands (SAAL) NRM Board. As the AW regions’ eastern neighbour, both Boards face many similar challenges and prospects for the future. Both regions are sparsely populated, vast arid areas and as such present many common NRM issues.

Janet Brooks, Chair, SAAL Board shared an understanding of the SAAL region including the increased interest in tourism and the healthy state of the pastoral industry. She pointed out that their Board was always looking for way to improve and thanked the AW NRM Board for this opportunity for collaboration.

Parry Agius, AW NRM Board’s Presiding Member provided an overview of the AW Region and the strategies applied by the Board to NRM. This included Education, Training, Employment and Business Development and the need for involvement of young people, not only for succession but also to connect them to country aimed at creating a secure future for the people living in the region.

Attendees formed small breakout groups to discuss directions and strategies for working together.

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