Who are we?

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a region that is inspired to protect its uniquely biodiverse and productive landscapes into the future. In achieving this vision, we hope that the region will be an international exemplar - recognised for its resilient and beautiful landscapes, and cared for through whole-of-community stewardship.

Our Purpose

Working together to care for land, water and nature. At Landscapes Hills and Fleurieu, we exist to help people care for land, water and nature. We walk together with First Nations, land managers and the community to sustainably manage our beautiful, biodiverse and productive landscapes. We are passionate about our unique role as connectors within the Hills and Fleurieu community - connecting people to knowledge, expertise and funding.

By motivating our community to embrace positive change, we will not only build environmental value -but economic, social and cultural value as well. We believe that by managing our natural resources well, we can create pride in our people and advantage for our producers. By inspiring change and creating positive impact, our community will enjoy the benefits of our region’s landscapes for generations to come.

“Landscapes Hills and Fleurieu” or “Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board”?

We use “Landscapes Hills and Fleurieu” when speaking about the work of our organisation, and “Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board” when referring to the group of members who are empowered under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019.

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