Rejuvenate your dam

Maintaining, and looking after or restoring your dam is an important part of land management. They can become havens for wildlife, and a valuable asset to store water for livestock or agriculture.

The resources below will help you learn about the native plants that are best for your dam/wetland and how to identify the animals that use this important habitat. Find out about fencing your dam and how to care for dams or creeklines to reduce bushfire risk.

The links at the bottom of the page will connect you with great tips on how you can return water to the environment, what to be aware of when planning a water affecting activity, and how to undertake routine safety inspections on your dam.

Rejuvenate your dam

See our videos about rejuvenating and fencing your dam below:

How to bring life back to your dam

Part 1: Fencing your dam - Planning

Part 2: Fencing your dam - End assemblies and intermediate posts

Part 3: Fencing your dam - Electric fences