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The new Hills and Fleurieu Regional Pest Plant and Animal Strategy is now open for public consultation, and Landscapes Hills and Fleurieu is calling on anyone with an interest to provide feedback.

Pest plants and animals cost the environment and agriculture many millions of dollars each year. They threaten our biosecurity, choke waterways, pastures and bushland, and pose enormous threats to our threatened species. We all have a role to play to help minimise the impact of pests.

“In partnership with local councils and other agencies responsible for land management, we’ve developed the draft strategy, and we’re confident it will provide clarity to our community and partners on our agreed approach for prioritising pest plant and animal management,” said Landscapes Hills and Fleurieu Team Leader, Susan Ivory.

“It outlines a common understanding of the responsibilities, principles, and objectives, and lays a foundation for action and working together for the protection of our agricultural, environmental and social assets.

“We’re now calling for feedback on the draft so that we can be sure the final strategy is clear, easy to understand and well-defined. Feedback received will help us finalise the strategy and ensure that it is a useful tool for pest management in the Hills and Fleurieu,” she said.

The strategy was a commitment made in the region’s five-year Landscape Plan.

“We’ve aimed to make it an approachable document by separating it into two distinct sections – laying foundational approaches to pest management across all scales, and presenting a regional prioritisation of pests in the Hills and Fleurieu.”

“Having a Regional Pest Strategy in place will help our community understand why we focus on certain pests and not others.”

“It will be a key document to support and encourage land managers, groups and agencies to work together on common issues, and can be used to attract support and funding for big and small projects.”

“We appreciate the hard work our communities and stakeholders do to tackle pest plants and animals, but it is a complex issue that will take a dedicated and ongoing commitment,” said Susan.

Landscapes Hills and Fleurieu works with land managers to help them fulfil their obligations to control pest plant and animals on their properties.

The draft Hills and Fleurieu Regional Pest Plant and Animal Strategy is open for consultation until 5pm Monday 9 October 2023 and can be accessed here.

Have your say on regional pest strategy
African lovegrass and feral goats are both priority pests for control in the Hills and Fleurieu region.

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