Reflections for women and girls aspiring to change the world

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October 15 was the United Nations International Day of Rural Women. This annual event celebrates and honours the role of rural women in enhancing agricultural and rural development worldwide.

We asked the four women members on the Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board: “what would be your best advice for girls and women wanting to change the world?”

Here are their inspiring thoughts:

Amy Williams

Be bold but be humble and listen carefully too.

It can be surprising what you can learn, sometimes in unexpected places.

If we want to change a system, it’s important to really understand the whole system, the dynamics, the way things work, all the people involved – and not just the parts we understand or want to know about from the outset!

Leanne Muffet

Change and impact can happen in many forms.

You don't need big magical moments every day to have impact… Even the smallest action can create a ripple effect. Recognise that kindness, generosity, clarity and curiosity are superpowers and thoughtful language is formidable.

To create effective change, remember to ask questions, have a go, reflect as an intentional way of learning, and be true to yourself. If you want to be a change maker, be confident, attentive and authentic.

Janet Klein

Women, young and old, change the world by being ‘you’… by believing that to make a difference in the world, is to make a difference, no matter how small, around you in your everyday life. By being thoughtful and energetic, spreading kindness and expressing your needs and those of others, women and men, with always a positive, proactive tone. Being comfortable (even if a little bit brave) with our own voice and giving yourself time to be heard. As a woman, there will be times when your voice needs to be firm and clear, but there will always be another way to succeed. Be open to opportunities, collaborate, be creative, persistent and spread the hope that we all can make the world a better place.

Becky Hirst

My advice? Don’t try to change the world! Taking on the whole world can feel overwhelming! You don’t know where to start or can feel like you’re not making enough of a difference.

Instead, think about what small things you can do to make a difference. Do them!

Then, think about how you might inspire or encourage others in your community to do something similar. Don’t underestimate the power of sharing your love of opshopping on social media; learning something about the birds in your garden; or visiting the local farmers market with your kids to learn about where food comes from. The more of us doing small things, the more difference we can make!

Reflections for women and girls aspiring to change the world

Top left: Amy Williams, top right: Leanne Muffet, bottom left: Janet Klein, bottom right: Becky Hirst.

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