Feral rabbits tackled at Pindone Distribution Days

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Landholders will have help to control feral rabbits on their Hills properties through a number of Pindone Distribution Days in February.

Initiated by the Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board, the Distribution Days will make pindone-treated carrots available for purchase at Woodside and Mount Barker, and staff will be on hand to explain how to do the baiting.

Event coordinator and Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Officer Will Hannaford said rabbits are in concerning numbers at present, particularly around Woodside, Oakbank, Blakiston, Aldgate, Highland Valley and Dingabledinga.

“Right now during the height of summer is an ideal opportunity to control rabbits, as they will be attracted to the moisture in the pindone carrots,” he said.

“We have had numerous reports of feral rabbits, and they appear to be mainly impacting home gardens and undermining sheds.”

“Over the last few years, rabbit numbers have been building up. With the excellent conditions last spring, we now have rabbit numbers as high as they have been in many years.

“Baiting will be even more effective if neighbours can coordinate their efforts and bait at the same time, so consider asking your neighbours to get involved. By following the correct procedure, using pindone can reduce rabbit numbers dramatically.”

Recent releases of the latest strain of calicivirus have had some effect, however, in many locations additional steps like pindone baiting would be needed to have a significant impact on rabbit numbers.

To register for a Distribution Day, please phone the Mt Barker office on 8391 7500.

A new video from the board explains step by step how to bait with pindone. Watch it on the Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board website www.landscape.sa.gov.au/hf/

To arrange a free visit to your property for advice on managing feral pests such as rabbits, please contact the Mt Barker office on 8391 7500.

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