Property planning

All properties can benefit from a carefully developed property plan.

To help with planning and record-keeping, the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board has developed a web-based farm management tool - nrmFarm. This tool allows users to create and save a map of their farm including property boundaries, paddocks and infrastructure via a secure login. It also allows users to record information like chemical applications, sowing dates, yield data, livestock movements, soil test results, weed sightings and much more. 

This is a free and easy to use program.

Start mapping now!

Click on the link above to start your mapping. You can download the nrmFarm user guide here (6 MB).

Property planning is part of the overall business planning process including the consideration of physical resources in the context of how they relate to and impact the overall business plan. Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has some useful information to take into consideration for livestock property planning.

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