Landscape levy

Landscape levy

The Regional Landscape levy (previously known as the NRM levy) is paid by all ratepayers across South Australia – recognising that all landowners are responsible for sustaining and managing our state’s landscapes for the benefit of all community members.

It’s not a new levy, but it has been improved to help fund the state’s regional Landscape Boards (previously known as NRM Boards).

Regional Landscape levies are raised by the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board to fund projects and programs to enable landholders, industry and the community to be directly responsible for sustainably managing their region’s landscapes with an emphasis on land and water management, biodiversity and pest animal and plant control.

To read more about what the levy fund please read our Business Plan 2017-20 .

What is the Landscape levy used for?

Your Landscape levy helps fund the delivery of the Eyre Peninsula Regional NRM Plan. This Plan sets out the targets for the environment in the region. The Landscape levy also attracts significant state and federal funding into the region. Read about our latest achievements (from page 10 in the Business Plan) and our annual reports.

Who pays the Landscape levy?

The annual Landscape levy is paid by the owners of rateable land in the region and appears on council's rate notices. Everyone who lives and works in the region has an impact on the environment. We all share a responsibility to take care of our land, water, native animals and plants and ecosystems.

How is the Landscape levy calculated?

Your regional Landscape levy is a fixed rate per rateable property, which varies depending on whether your land is used for residential, primary production, commercial or industrial purposes. Further additional information about the levy can be found in the Business Plan 2017-20 or in this fact sheet.

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