EP King Tides

EP King Tides

The dates to watch for kings tides in 2024 on the Eyre Peninsula are:

  • April 13 - for Whyalla

  • May 10

  • May 25

  • June 7/8

  • June 23 (highest )

  • July 21

Also watch the tides on the days before and after these dates, especially if there are storm fronts passing through.

  1. To mark where you saw the king tide, please click / tap and drag the pin to that location.
  2. For more accurate positioning of the pin zoom in and out by using the +/- sign (bottom right) or two fingers on phone.
  3. Click, hold / two fingers and drag across the map to pan.
  4. To view satellite imagery, select the “Satellite” button in the top left corner.
Please click on the “Choose File” button below to select and attach your photo. We may want to use this photo for promotional purposes. If you would prefer that your photo is not used, please let us know in the Notes below.Maximum file size 50MB

We may be interested in finding out more about your sighting or sending you periodical updates on the results of the EP King Tides project. Please enter your contact details below (optional).

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