Property planning

All properties can benefit from a carefully developed property plan. Property planning is part of the overall business planning process including the consideration of physical resources in the context of how they relate to and impact the overall business plan.


  • To find out the soil data in your local area, Nature Maps has information that may be useful.
  • This two-page document from Lincoln Rural Supplies outlines things to consider for water planning.
  • This report from SARDI is about demonstrating resilient, healthy and profitable livestock systems with multipurpose shrubs. The report is about its Enrich project which aimed to provide knowledge and development into sustainable grazing systems with multiple benefits, for farmers in low-medium rainfall areas through the incorporation of Australian perennial shrubs.
  • Water resources on Eyre Peninsula are precious and need to be managed sustainably. This includes watercourses, lakes, dams, wetlands and watercourse habitat, springs, soaks, and catchment landscapes. Go to our water affecting activities page to ensure your property plans include the necessary water management.
  • Wedge-tailed eagles are sometimes blamed for lamb losses but studies show that with rare exception, eagles only take already dead or dying lambs. This fact sheet about Wedge-tailed eagles includes information about lamb loss and how farmers can reduce the risk of lamb deaths.


Our previous farm mapping tool, nrmFarm is no longer available. Any users who need technical assistance with the old nrmFarm tool can contact Eykolina Benny, Regional Agriculture Facilitator, Limestone Coast Landscape Board, who is servicing South Australia nrmFarm users on behalf of all landscape boards.

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