Volunteering can be a rewarding experience for people of all ages! Volunteers make new friends, learn new things, share knowledge, have fun and keep fit. Volunteers play an important role in the management of natural resources across the Eyre Peninsula. Their contribution of time, energy, knowledge, expertise and skills, equipment and resources is extremely valuable. One of our most important assets in the region is our communities, and we highly value the contribution made by volunteers.

Volunteering opportunities

There are many opportunities to volunteer in the Eyre Peninsula region with either Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board or a range of other groups. The region has more than 20 groups and individuals participating in volunteer activities. Key groups include Friends of Parks, Progress Associations and Landcare groups. If you are interested in volunteering with us or would like help connecting with local groups focused on natural resources, please contact us.

Monitoring programs

Volunteers play an important part in our monitoring programs, and we are always looking for people interested in our marine debris surveys, citizen science and bird monitoring.

Hooded Plover monitoring

Hooded Plovers are a nationally Vulnerable threatened shorebird species that lives along the Eyre Peninsula’s coast. They nest almost exclusively on beaches and in dune systems close to surf beaches. Their population is in decline. The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board supports a Hooded Plover territory monitoring program developed by BirdLife Australia, where volunteers monitor nesting attempts. Information on key threats are also recorded to help inform site specific local management decisions.

A national Hooded Plover population count is undertaken by volunteers and support staff alike every two years across all appropriate habitat in southern Australia. Other beach-nesting birds such as Oyster catchers, Red-capped plovers and Fairy terns are also recorded during this comprehensive survey. The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board coordinates counting on Eyre Peninsula. Please contact us for more information (phone 8688 3200).

Migratory shorebirds monitoring

Migratory shorebirds are only temporary visitors to Australia during Spring and Summer. During Autumn, the majority of adult birds depart our coastline and fly up to 13,000 km to breeding grounds in the northern hemisphere. During Summer (Jan/Feb) BirdLife Australia coordinate a national count of key shorebird areas across the country, a number of which occur along Eyre Peninsula’s coast. Volunteers and the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board help to coordinate counts across Eyre Peninsula. New volunteers are always welcome to register their interest in helping with any of the above surveys. Please contact us for more information (phone 8688 3200).

Volunteering with other groups

Whether you live in the Eyre Peninsula region or not, there are a number of organisations that may have volunteering opportunities for you. These organisations include:

Volunteer support

Volunteer training

It is important that volunteers can access training opportunities to ensure they are operating as safely and as effectively as possible. If your volunteer group is interested in undertaking training in any topic please contact us for assistance in sourcing appropriate training. A variety of training opportunities are provided free of charge and are provided by the Office for Volunteers SA, Volunteering SA & NT and Conservation Volunteers Australia.

Volunteer work health and safety and insurance

Volunteers are recognised as a key part of managing the Eyre Peninsula's natural resources and we are committed to their health and safety. Volunteers working in partnership with us on public and private land may be covered by SAICORP insurance. Contact us for more information.

Further information