Developing our Five Year Plan

Under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019, the landscape boards must prepare and maintain a Regional Landscape Plan. Our Landscape Plans are strategy-level documents that define five landscape Priorities and a set of objectives or Focus Areas of action.

The inaugural Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Plan 2021-2026 (approved in July 2021) was developed through a board-driven process involving internal expert reviews and two phases of community and stakeholder consultation.

The direction, tone and ambition of the plan were largely shaped by the ideas and feedback gained from the consultation process - November 2020 to April 2021. During this period, we conducted four community forums and multiple stakeholder meetings, received written submissions as well as hundreds of responses and comments via an online survey.

In the first phase of consultation, an early ideas discussion paper was used to test concepts and elicit stakeholder perspectives. These ideas were developed from on an internal review of previous panning strategies (AMLR NRM Strategic Plan part 1 and part 2) and an assessment of current landscape issues.

Consultation report

Full details of the consultation process and feedback received are given in our consultation report.

Regional Snapshot papers

Technical input used in the plan development process has been condensed and summarized in a series of five ‘Regional Snapshot’ documents. These present a brief condition and issues assessment across each of the five Priority Areas of the Landscape Plan - Land, Water, Nature, Climate and Community.

For more information on the Landscape Plan and how it will be implemented, check-out the plan page and/or download the Business Plan. Our Monitoring and Evaluation (MERI) p is available here.

board meeting lobethal lakeside 2020

While the Five-Year Landscape Plan was being developed, the board adopted the following regional NRM plans as its landscape plan to the extent that they apply in the Hills and Fleurieu region:

Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board Business Plan

The Business Plan is a one-year plan that outlines how the landscape board invested the money it raised through levies and other funding sources to achieve outcomes identified in the interim landscape plan.