Priority Pest Plants

Priority Pest Plants

Priority Weeds of the Hills and Fleurieu

Weeds harm our environment, smother native plants and threaten the biodiversity of our landscapes. They also can cause financial loss to agriculture, industries and community. Through risk-assessment and feedback from our stakeholders and the community the following weeds have been identified as the priority pest plants that need to be managed across our region.

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Management of Weeds

Weeds don't stop at boundaries or fence lines so a coordinated approach between land owners, community and stakeholders is encouraged. The recommended weed management approach includes:

  • Prevention- Prevent the entry and establishment of weeds.
  • Eradication - Manage new and emerging weeds with the aim of eradication.
  • Containment - Limit the spread and impact of weeds outside containment areas.
  • Asset Protection – Use an asset protection approach to limit the spread and impact of weeds.
  • Monitor/Limited action - Monitor to detect change in risk.

For further information about manual and chemical weed control options, legal obligations for landholders, restrictions on their movement and sale, reporting requirements, as well as links to state policies visit PIRSA.

The priority weeds have been identified in the the Hills and Fleurieu Regional Pest Plant and Animal Strategy 2024 -2029.