Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture is all about protecting and enhancing our precious topsoil by regenerating five key landscape functions. These include the solar energy function, the water cycle function, the soil-mineral cycle, dynamic ecosystems and the human - social function.

In practice, this looks like:

  • Reducing soil disturbance through no-till agricultural practices.
  • Keeping vegetation cover on the soil (green growing cover is most effective).
  • Keeping living roots in the soil as much as possible.
  • Creating as much diversity in soil biology, perennial pasture species and native vegetation as possible.
  • Integrating grazing animals into the farming system on a rotational grazing basis and reducing inputs (eg fertiliser, herbicides) where possible.

These webpages are dedicated to regenerative agriculture information, videos, links and resources and case studies to assist landholders to gain access to the information required to apply these principles on their properties.