Regenerative Agriculture Links and Resources

Regenerative Agriculture Links and Resources

A list of Regenerative Farming books you might be interested in can be found below:


Why you should give a f@#k about farming – Gabrielle Chan
Dirt to Soil - Gabe Brown
Call of the Reed Warbler - Charles Massy
For the love of Soil - Nicole Masters
Natural Farming - Pat Coleby
The Wooleen Way - David Pollock
You can Farm - Joel Salatin
Natural Sheep Care - Pat Coleby
Holistic Management - Allan Savory
Growing a Revolution - David R Montgomery
A soil owner’s manual - Jon Stika
Quality Agriculture - John Kempf
Teaming with Microbes - Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis
The Worst Hard Time - Timothy Egan

Feel like listening to a podcast while you work in the paddock? Check out these regenerative agriculture podcasts below:


The Regenerative Journey - Charlee Arnott

Soil Sense -
Head Shepard -
Commodity Conversations -
Working Cows -
Future of Agriculture -
The Regen Report -
The Modern Acre -
Regenerative Ag Podcast - John Kempf - https://regenerativeagricultur...
Agtech – So what? -
The Quorum Sense -
The Feedback -
Soil 4 Climate -
Scene + Herd -
Ground cover -

Some other links to check out...