Managing horses

Under South Australian law, horse owners have a duty of care to protect the environment. To help horse owners meet this duty of care, as well as to sustainably manage horses, stable yards and landscapes, the SA Government and Horse SA have developed the following guides.

Peri-urban horse keeping in SA (PDF 4.79MB) - covers horse-keeping systems, regulations, property management planning and detailed property plans, stable yard infrastructure, horses and their living environment, waste management and dealing with deceased horses. Appendices include information on climate change and horse properties and preparing for emergencies.

Perpetual calendar for horse keeping & land management (PDF 8.99MB) - use this year after year for monthly and general information on horse care and landcare, toxic plants, pasture grass management, estimating horse weight, and much more.

Action planner and horse property management guide (PDF 5.69MB) - a comprehensive guide for horse property managers to assess and continually improve their environmental management. Including whole of property management (activities or issues that affect the environment and need to be managed across the entire property), paddock management (activities or issues that are specific to paddocks and grazing areas), and intensive horse keeping (activities or issues that are specific to areas of intensive horse keeping such as stables, yards, etc.).

Videos to help improve horse health using native grasses – these videos explain how native grasses are beneficial to horse, soil and environmental health.

Managing horses

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