Site selection and preparation

The first consideration is where to plant. Is it a creek, low-lying flat, hillside, hilltop, rocky, or waterlogged? Understanding your site will enable you to make good decisions about the types and number of plants you need. Is it accessible for watering? Watering revegetation during its first summer is essential and should be done every month if there is no significant rain.

Spending a bit of time preparing your site before your seedlings go in will also reap great benefits down the track. You need to do this about three weeks before planting.

To be able to thrive, seedlings need minimal competition from weeds. This can be done with Halo Spraying:

  • Select where each plant will go, then spray each of these spots with spray paint to mark them (check paint is non-toxic).
  • Spot spray the marked spots with a glyphosate-based herbicide to approximately 75cm diameter.
  • Mow, brushcut or graze the whole area the week before you plant. This will provide good visibility of the plant layout.

It goes without saying that weed seeds will continue to germinate after halo spraying and planting.

Keep an eye on the area as spring approaches, as additional weed control may be needed to reduce competition for water and light. The spring growth of weeds such as pasture grasses, annual grasses and capeweed is particularly aggressive and will dominate seedlings quickly if not controlled with herbicide or by hand pulling/slashing.