Grants and funding

The Kangaroo Island Landscape Board is always seeking funding to support the community to undertake landscape management activities across the island. The following grants are operating through the Board:

Kangaroo Island Grassroots Grants

The KI Grassroots Grants program supports Kangaroo Island individuals, volunteers, community groups and not-for-profit organisations, to undertake local landscape management projects on the island.

Funding for the KI Grassroots Grants comes from the regional Landscape Levy and the Government of South Australia annual allocation for the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board.

More information about Kangaroo Island Grassroots Grants is available here.

Kangaroo Island On-ground Works Funding

These grants are available each year to individuals, farm businesses and community groups for:

  • Fencing to protect patches of remnant native vegetation in blocks from livestock (including shelterbelts, watercourses, areas of revegetation and areas where old and/or senescent native vegetation is being ecologically restored).
  • Planting, or directly seeding, native trees and shrubs to extend existing vegetation or create or strengthen vegetation corridors.
  • Moving stock watering points out of watercourses to minimise in-stream sedimentation and eutrophication.
  • Constructing stock and/or vehicle crossings to minimise in-stream eutrophication and sedimentation and to improve connectivity of aquatic ecosystems.

Kangaroo Island On-ground Works Grants are supported by the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board with funding from the Australian Government.

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