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Glossy Black-cockatoo Recovery Program

Now extinct on mainland Australia, the nationally endangered glossy black-cockatoo subspecies Calyptorhynchus lathami halmaturinus has its last refuge on Kangaroo Island. Work since 1995 when less than 160 Glossy Black-cockatoos were in existence and has nursed the population back from the brink of extinction, doubling the population of glossies on Kangaroo Island and helping them to spread eastwards across the island. Unfortunately the 2019-20 bushfires significantly impacted much glossy black-cockatoo habitat on Kangaroo Island. Post-bushfire recovery is now a significant focus of this program.

Kangaroo Island Native Plant Nursery

KI is home to many endemic plant species that are found nowhere else. The KI Native Plant Nursery has offered an important service for many years, growing around 50,000 island-provenant plants each year, providing landholders with critical advice about what to grow where, ensuring that seed is of KI provenance, and ensuring that there is no biosecurity risk posed to the island by bringing over plants that are grown on the mainland. The nursery offers over 100 different species of KI-native plants, which can be used for re-vegetating land, windbreaks, coastal plantings and home garden use. The nursery is supporting the bushfire recovery efforts on the island by providing fire-affected landholders with a diverse range of KI’s native plants, together with tree guards (where needed), at no cost.

Kangaroo Island Feral Cat Eradication Program

The Kangaroo Island Feral Cat Eradication Program is one of Australia’s most ambitious programs to remove an invasive, introduced, predatory species that is devastating to our native animals. Some of the most threatened native species in Australia live on Kangaroo Island, many of which are at extreme risk from feral cats. In addition feral cats are known vectors of parasitic diseases (sarcosporidiosis and toxoplasmosis) which have substantial economic impacts on the islands primary producers. The KI Feral Cat Eradication Program is effectively removing feral cats from Kangaroo Island, beginning with the Dudley Peninsula to create safe havens for natives, reverse the decline of critically endangered species and protect the KI livestock industry.

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