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Kangaroo Island’s economy is built on primary production, tourism and a range of supporting services such as health, education and retail. The Board recognises that farmers are the key land managers on KI. Since its inception the Board has worked to support farmers endeavours to benefit KI’s landscapes through technical support, mentoring from sustainable agriculture leaders, demonstrations and trials, assistance with soil monitoring, workshops and field days, presentations and courses, webinars, and social and print media. Topics covered include regenerative agriculture, Integrated Pest Management, soil health monitoring and treatment, rapid pH mapping, confinement feeding, new tools and technologies, long-range weather forecasting, adapting to climate change predictions on KI, reducing wind and water erosion, sheep benchmarking, low stress stock handling, rotational grazing and cover cropping.

The Board has developed effective relationships with, and supports, key local agriculture industry organisations and agencies, such as the Department of Primary Industries and Regions, and acts as a conduit of information between international, national and state agencies and organisations and the local farming community.

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Funding partners

This project is supported by the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Agriculture Kangaroo Island (industry group Facebook page)

Grazing Naturally (website)

Integrity Soils (website)

RCS Global Learning Hub (website)

SA No-till Farmers Association (website)


SA Climate Smart Forum, held 6 May 2021 (video)

Past projects

Future proofing agriculture on Kangaroo Island (factsheet)

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