$981,000 Drought Resilience Grants to enhance on-farm property management

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$981,000 Drought Resilience Grants to enhance on-farm property management

The Kangaroo Island Landscape Board (KILB) is excited to announce that it has recently received funding to assist Kangaroo Island land managers increase on-farm drought resilience through the development of comprehensive property management plans.

The Federal Government’s Future Drought Fund (FDF) Drought Resilience Innovation Grants program will deliver $981,000 over 3 years to support the KILB deliver the Building Resilience through comprehensive Property Management Planning project.

The project will facilitate the development of property management plans that will be designed to provide land managers with the tools and capacity to adapt, reorganise, transition, and transform their properties in preparation for drought and less reliable and more variable seasons.

“This is exciting news”, said KILB chairman Andrew “Aphid” Heinrich, “the funding will be beneficial for land managers and help the KILB deepen and broaden our current working relationships with land holders and partners such as AgKI and PIRSA”.

“As a farmer myself, my farm has benefited a lot from property management planning” Mr. Heinrich said. “The key to agricultural success is always planning ahead rather than being reactive to issues. And through the Drought Resilience Innovation Grants, planning with professional assistance and advice will be possible.”

A full-time project facilitator will be employed for the life of the project to work with participants, consultants and other stakeholders to ensure the project supports land managers to develop property management plans that are tailored to suit their businesses and properties. The project facilitator will continue to support landholders as they transition from the planning to implementation phase.

Up-front engagement and consultation with participants will be delivered to identify specific landholder business and land management needs and ensure the engagement of consultants with the knowledge required to meet the land manager’s needs. Consultants engaged are likely to include specialists in soil, grazing, pasture, cropping, horticulture, animal health, biosecurity, water management and water security, integrated pest management and tools and technologies.

Expressions of interest to participate in this project will be sought in the near future and will be advertised through the Board’s website and social media as well as other communications channels.

Property management Plans will be designed to complement and value-add to the outcomes of PIRSA’s Kangaroo Island Farm Business Management project.

KILB is a key partner in the South Australia Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub, funded by the FDF to strengthen the drought resilience of South Australian agriculture, business and communities.

For more information please contact Joseph Sullivan, Manager Sustainable Landscapes on 08 8553 2476 or jo.sullivan@sa.gov.au

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