KI Landscape Board at AgKI Conference highlighting agricultural element

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KI Landscape Board at AgKI Conference highlighting agricultural element

The Kangaroo Island Landscape Board (KILB) joined the local farming community at the Agriculture Kangaroo Island (AgKI) Conference at Kingscote Town Hall on 4th March, in celebration of AgKI’s 25th anniversary and its long-term good work as the peak body for agriculture on Kangaroo Island.

KILB General Manager Will Durack gave a speech on the closing panel, recognising the importance of the farming community for the Landscape Board. ‘Across the Island, farmers represent one of the largest groups of active land managers we have, creating positive economic, social and environmental outcomes. In order for the Landscape Board to make a positive contribution, it is critical that we work with the farming community’,

‘The perceived barriers between “the green” and the “brown” is not a divide as great as we may think it is’, Will Durack stated, ‘and often the outcomes created through farm management and conservation are one and the same’.

‘What may be called a “shelter belt” by the farming community may be called “remnant native revegetation” by conservation groups’. The Kangaroo Island farming community has a strong history of valuing and contributing to the natural environment and the Kangaroo Island Landscape Boards is committed to working with the farming community to build on and strengthen this.

Will Durack also recognised and highlighted KILB’s ongoing partnerships with the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) and with AgKI, with more exciting announcements including a large successful grant application to be announced soon.

‘The Landscape Board is here’, Will Durack said, ‘We are enthusiastic to work with and for farmers’.

From the KILB, the staff who also attended the conference to have conversations with the local farming community were Jo Sullivan, Sustainable Landscapes Manager, Dr. James Smith, Feral Cat Eradication Project Leader, Mark Agnew, Water Officer, Alexandra James, Grants Administrator, and Laura Williams and Cassandra Douglas-Hill, Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitators along with Communications and Media Coordinator Wei Yin.

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