Property-scale water security plans

This project is supporting Kangaroo Island landholders to develop water security plans for their properties. High resolution topographical information has been assessed with climate predictions, the value of property scale water dependent ecosystems, farm layout, production systems and business needs to develop the water security plans. The plans identify where to remove and consolidate low water security dams for replacement with fewer higher water security dams, and the benefits of water reticulation systems.

Two demonstration sites are being established to promote the benefits of water security to Kangaroo Island landholders. Once implemented the plans will enable greater water security for landholders and more water for the environment and other water users in the catchment.

Please contact the KI Landscape Board Water Officer by phone 0419 728 837 or via email, for more information, or if you wish to develop a water security plan for your property.

Project support

This project is supported by the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board, through funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

More information

Water Officer

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+61 08 8553 2476