Visitors whose presence we don't want this Xmas

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Kangaroo Island biosecurity themed Christmas tree

Have you ever had uninvited guests drop in, cause problems and refuse to leave? Natural Resources Kangaroo Island is keen to warn islanders about unwanted visitors that might try to move to the island this Christmas (or at any time of the year).

Being on the alert for marine pests is particularly critical at this time of the year as yachties travel to Kangaroo Island for the holidays. Recreational vessels that have been berthed at mainland marinas before departure are the main source of marine pest incursions on the island.

Early detection has so far enabled them to be controlled, but they continue to pose a threat. Boat owners can take two simple actions to help keep our marine environment pest-free:1. Clean your boat and equipment carefully before arriving on the island. This includes flushing internal seawater systems in clean, open water to expel any stowaways.2. If you have large organisms fouling your boat when you arrive, do not attempt to remove them. Instead, please notify the natural resources centre where staff will be able to help determine if any of them are not native species. This is a free service.

Natural Resources KI staff will be at American River in the lead-up to the Ballast Head Cup on New Year’s Day to assist boat owners with checking for marine pests and to answer any questions about biosecurity issues.

To reinforce the message of the importance of keeping unwanted pests from KI, this year the Natural Resources Kangaroo Island’s Christmas tree is a large replica of a European fan worm (one of the pests we don’t want here). Come in and view our tree at 37 Dauncey Street Kingscote and see if you can match the pests with the decorations on the tree. There’s a little prize for every child who participates.

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