Have you seen the new quarantine signs at Cape Jervis?

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Have you seen the new quarantine signs at Cape Jervis?

New signs along Main South Road between Cape Jervis and the SeaLink Terminal are reminding KI locals and visitors alike of the island’s quarantine restrictions.

Natural Resources Kangaroo Island Biosecurity Liaison Officer Andrew Triggs said the signs would help make everyone aware of which items were prohibited.

“The new signs support the recent introduction of vehicle checks, which promote the importance of biosecurity in protecting KI from pests and diseases that might have potential to devastate our local environment and agricultural industries,” Mr Triggs said.

“By law, honey, potatoes, rabbits and foxes cannot be brought onto Kangaroo Island.

“Potatoes for consumption are allowed if they are free of soil and in clean packaging, but potatoes for planting or those that have not been brushed or washed are not allowed.

“If you are carrying unwashed potatoes or honey, you won’t face any penalty if you deposit them voluntarily in the bin at the ferry terminal.”

To find out more about KI’s pest and disease status, visit www.landscape.sa.gov.au/ki/home and follow the links to the “Too Good to Spoil” campaign, or drop into the Natural Resource Centre at 37 Dauncey Street, Kingscote.

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