Eradicating white weeping broom

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As we work towards eradicating White weeping broom from our region, a thorough search for this pest plant has been undertaken.

Starting in autumn this year, southern areas with known sites have been inspected including Port Neill, Point Boston, Tumby Bay saltmarsh, Bergs Beach, Port Lincoln and Lipson.

Our landscape officers have been working with private landholders and councils on these site inspections with subsequent control work involving cutting and swabbing the plants in sensitive areas such as creeklines, and using the basal bark method in the other areas.

White weeping broom is a Mediterranean shrub growing to 3 m with grey green slender drooping branches and white pea-like flowers. It is a fast-spreading invasive plant that can dominate native species.

Eradicating white weeping broom

It is on the Alert List for Environmental Weeds, a list of 28 non-native plants that threaten biodiversity and cause other environmental damage. These weeds have the potential to seriously degrade Australia’s ecosystems.

White weeping broom is also a declared weed under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019. This mean all property owners have a responsibility to control white weeping broom on their property.

If you see this plant, please let us know.

See our white weeping broom factsheet for more information about this pest plant including control options for landholders.

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