Landscape Boards turn 3 - here's what we've been up to

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The year 2020 is memorable for many people. For us, it’s when South Australia’s 9 landscape boards were officially created, enabled by the Landscape SA Act 2019, which was designed to put communities at the heart of caring for their landscapes.

Since July 2020, our 8 regional landscape boards and the metropolitan Green Adelaide, have worked with partners to deliver practical, on-ground programs to manage landscapes. We invest landscape levies into regional priority issues as well as leveraging Australian Government funding towards managing and protecting our productive and natural landscapes.

Landscape Boards turn 3 - here's what we've been up to
A biennial bird count on Eyre Peninsula.

We’re all about helping local communities to care for land, water and nature.

In regional South Australia, this means on-ground action that helps manage the state’s land, water, pest animals and plants, and biodiversity.

In metropolitan areas, Green Adelaide is the dedicated urban environmental specialist organisation with a focus on guiding the people of Adelaide’s love of and connection with nature, and creating a cooler, greener and wilder capital city.

We all share a commitment to working with and learning from others, especially First Nations peoples.

As we celebrate turning 3, take a look across our state to see what we’ve been achieving for South Australia’s vast landscapes, hand-in-hand with local communities.

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