Dead Dolphin Found at Eba Anchorage

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A local resident reported that a juvenile Bottlenose dolphin washed up on a beach at Eba Anchorage near Streaky Bay.

Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula staff at Streaky Bay responded to the incident and noted that the dolphin appeared to have been attacked by a shark and had sustained injuries to its tail.

David Grosse, Senior Ranger at Streaky Bay said that the dolphin has been transported to the South Australian Museum for further studies.

“If members of the public come across dead or injured marine mammals, such as dolphins and sea lions, then please contact your local NREP office;

  • Streaky Bay – 86261108
  • Ceduna – 86253144
  • Port Lincoln - 86883111

“Dolphins and seals are on the menu for our top marine predators, sharks, so in this case the death of this dolphin is not unusual.”

Throughout the year it is also common to see sea lions (adults and pups) on the beach. This is normal as they usually haul out to rest or the mother may leave her pup on the beach while she hunts for food.

If you do have the fortune to come across one then observe from a distance, please do not approach as this can cause anxiety and distress to the animal.

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