Learning about unusual creatures in EP seas

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School students from Whyalla, Cowell, Tumby Bay, Cummins and Elliston will be in for a treat at the beginning of the next school term, with an opportunity to learn about some of the more unusual sea creatures in local waters.

Marine scientist and educator Janine Baker is visiting area schools around Eyre Peninsula to share information about many lesser known sea creatures; and will be supported by an interactive slideshow.

“The slideshows and displays highlight some of the more weird and wonderful marine species in the region, that people are not likely to see while fishing or beachcombing,” Janine said.

“Some of the marine animals in Eyre Peninsula waters are shared with WA; some are found across southern Australia; others are known mainly from tropical waters; and a few are only known, so far, to be from the Eyre Peninsula region.

“Some marine animals are so good at blending in with their surroundings to hide themselves, that they are rarely ever seen.” “Others are tiny; there’s a whole world of strange-looking “mini-beasts” out there, each with their own interesting life cycle and connections with their habitat, and with other marine animals.”

Schools will be provided with an educational marine photo display of some unusual local fishes, sharks, rays and invertebrates (animals without backbones).

The sessions will link with biological science understandings for the primary and lower secondary school curriculum.

Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board Presiding Member, Heather Baldock said it’s wonderful that Janine is sharing her knowledge and expertise with students in the region.

“Janine has worked in marine research around South Australia for 25 years, as a contractor for government, universities and non-government organisations,” Mrs Baldock said.

“Natural Resources EP is pleased to be able to support her visit.

In recent years Janine has been producing educational resources, including slideshows and photo booklets about marine species in SA coastal waters. Janine is the founder and manager of marine citizen science group South Australian Conservation Research Divers (SACReD), and some of SACReD’s associates have provided photographs for the Eyre Peninsula slideshows, including images of some new marine species discovered during SACReD’s field work.

The Eyre Peninsula Marine Species Roadshow is supported by a small grant in science education from Inspiring Australia, the Eyre Peninsula NRM Board, Australian Association for Environmental Education's Brian Foreman award, J.L Baker, Marine Ecologist, and marine photographers from around Australia.

For more environmental school resources visit landscape.sa.gov.au/eyrepeninsula/get-involved/education

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