Concern over kangaroo killing

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A recent spate of kangaroo shootings on roadsides and in Lincoln National Park has prompted a warning from Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula.

On Sunday morning a Western Grey kangaroo was found shot and dismembered in Lincoln National Park, near the Miller’s Hole turn off.

Natural Resources Compliance Officer David Wilkins said the intentional killing of a native animal without a permit is illegal and the most recent incident within the park contravened a number of Acts and Regulations.

“It is illegal to carry or use a firearm in a National Park. The firearm can be confiscated and a heavy fine imposed on anyone caught breaching this Regulation,” Mr Wilkins said.

“It is also illegal to kill a native animal or to have any part of a native animal without a permit. The penalties for this type of offence are fines of up to $2500 and/or six months’ imprisonment.

“We are concerned at the potential risk this incident posed to the safety of other park users, with a high powered rifle being used so carelessly and recklessly in a public area.

“We are also concerned at the increase in incidents of illegal kangaroo killings across the Eyre Peninsula and the potential safety issues this raises.”

Shooting from roadsides is also an offence under the Firearms Act.

Members of the public who have any information about such incidents are asked to contact David Wilkins at the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Centre on 8688 3111 or the Port Lincoln Police on 13 4444.

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