Whyalla’s worst weeds in bloom now

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‘Time bomb’ summer weed species such as caltrop, innocent weed and khaki weed are now appearing in gardens, nature strips and car parks around Whyalla.

Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula is encouraging people to be pro-active in removing them.

Natural Resources Operations Officer, Kate Brocklehurst said all of these weeds have extremely painful prickles that hurt people and animals.

“The first caltrop plants are popping up - and if we get them before they seed, there are a lot less plants to deal with next time they surface,” Ms Brocklehurst said.

“Due to the number of seeds in the ground these weeds are very difficult to control, and the pain that the burrs cause must make us spring into action.

“All these problem weeds in Whyalla are declared under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004.

“That means it is illegal to transport or sell them – and if you have these weeds on your property you have a responsibility to control and remove them.

“If you find any of these notifiable pest species please let me know.”

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