Rabbits, rabbits everywhere!

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Now is the right time for Land Managers to control rabbits, while the weather is warm and plants which rabbits feast on are dry and in short supply.

That’s the advice to land managers from Gemma Marshall, Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula Officer.

She said rabbits are most vulnerable in summer and early autumn.

“Rabbits that survive the summer will breed up quickly once the season breaks and will give you grief when this year’s crops and pastures start to emerge” she said.
“Putting out oat bait now really makes sense because there is very little else for rabbits to eat which greatly increases the likelihood they will eat the bait,” she said

“Poisoning rabbits this time of the year can be highly successful, with up to 95% reduction in rabbit numbers,” she added.

Ms Marshall pointed out that even though rabbits were hungry this time of the year, land managers need to ‘train’ the rabbits to eat the oats by supplying three ‘free’ feeds.

“We recommend that you put out three free feeds at least three days apart then follow-up with a trail of 1080 oats,” she said.

“If you do not supply free feeds then you run the risk of a poor uptake of bait and bait shy rabbits on your property.

“Bait layers are available for loan and a 12 kilo bucket of 1080 oats is now $25."

Advice on rabbit control, booking the bait layer and supply of pre-mixed 1080 oats can be obtained by contacting Ms Marshall on 8688 3111.

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