Buffel Grass is an unwelcome invader

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Buffel Grass is an unwelcome invader which is causing havoc to natural ecosystems and infrastructure. Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula is seeking the community’s help to rid the district of this plant pest.

Natural Resources Officer Kate Brocklehurst said Buffel Grass has just been classified as a ‘declared’ species. This means that people are legally obliged to control and remove any infestations on their properties under the Natural Resources Management Act. Eyre Peninsula is classed as an Eradication Zone.

“Buffel grass is invasive and poses an increased fire risk, as well as changing the fire intensity,” Ms Brocklehurst said.

“A buffel grass infestation has the ability to greatly increase the threat of bushfires in the region. We all need to be aware of what it is and where it is so we can remove it straight away.”

“Buffel grass fires burn hotter than normal bushfires and can kill native vegetation that would normally re-sprout after a fire. So after an intense Buffel grass fire seed may not be able to regenerate as it normally would.

“These changes can cause a significant loss of plants from our ecosystems, along with a subsequent loss of food and habitat that support our local animals. Local extinctions are then likely.

“At the moment we are finding Buffel Grass along transport routes like roads and railway lines,” Ms Brocklehurst said.

“Recently it’s been found on nature strips in Whyalla and out in the bush.

“We have an opportunity to remove this plant if we act quickly and control infestations as soon as they are found.”

For help identifying or treating these or any other pest weed, you can contact Kate Brocklehurst on 0488000481 or email kate.brocklehurst@sa.gov.au.

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