Proposed Boxthorn control changes on EP

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Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula (NREP) is preparing draft pest plans to drive its efforts in managing pests in the region.

NREP will use the plans when prioritising areas for on-ground works and investment.

The draft Boxthorn pest plan is an example of proposed changes to the management of a pest that has been subject to differing levels of control over recent years.

Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula Project Manager Iggy Honan said some landholders will be required to increase their level of control, particularly where boxthorns pose a risk to high-value productive lands of high biopersity areas.

“We would love to hear from anyone on EP who has a comment about our pest plans as we wish to set achievable outcomes for the future to ensure the adequate protection of Eyre Peninsula’s valuable land and natural assets”, Mr Honan said.

“Give us a call, leave a message, or email us now to provide feedback on our draft plans.

“Each pest animal and plant plan is featured separately and comments are sought for specific pest plans, rather than overall feedback.”

The following plans have been prepared so far:

Plants:- Boxthorn, Bridal Creeper, Bridal Veil, Boneseed, Khaki weed, Gorse and Silverleaf Nightshade.

Animal:- European Rabbit, Red Fox, Dingo, Feral Deer and Feral Goat.

If you want to have your say on our draft plans there are a number of ways you can provide feedback, including:

Consultation closes 31 May 2015

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