Every drop counts in farm water workshop

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The Water Use on Farms Workshop will showcase the latest technologies and products available to capture, store and move water around properties, for farmers and primary producers in lower and eastern Eyre Peninsula.

Natural Resources Officer Geraldine Turner said the workshops will focus on improving water use and infrastructure on-farm, with an afternoon water security planning session.

‘Every drop of water counts when it comes to farm water security, particularly with a predicted forecast of an El Nino this spring,’ Ms Turner said.

‘We have great key speakers, including Brian Schultz, Saltfree Desalination, from Wodonga and well-known local water experts Robin Dixon-Thompson, Warren Dickie and Brian Ashton,’

‘We’ll be discussing water security, moving water, new products and technologies available for water systems such as leak detection systems, desalination plants, sheeted catchments and more.’

‘Farmers are welcome to bring along labelled water samples from dams, soaks or springs for salinity testing on the day’ Ms Turner added.

The timing of the workshops coincides with the May Federal budget announcement that all farmers and primary producers have immediate asset depreciation. Farmers can claim accelerated depreciation with 100% write-off on vital infrastructure such as water facilities and fencing.

Water Use on Farms Workshop details

Dates: Cummins Wednesday July 29th and Cleve Thursday 30th July 2015.

Cost: $40, including a laminated aerial photo of one of their holdings, morning tea and lunch. Farmers and primary producers will need to provide their CT number from their council rates when registering to obtain an aerial map.

Registration required: Friday 10 July 2015

Register by phone: Geraldine Turner on 8688 2610 or Corey Yeates on 8628 2077; or Natural Resources Centre – Port Lincoln 8688 3111

Register online:Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula website

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