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Three environmental weeds, Buffel grass, Fountain grass (non-sterile) and Carrion Flower, have recently been listed in the Natural Resources Management Act as declared plants, making it illegal to transport, sell or have these species on your property.

Natural Resources Officer, Kate Brocklehurst said these weeds inflict significant damage on native habitat by crowding out native plants and increasing bushfire intensity and spread.
“The new declaration helps us to improve the condition of our environment by stepping up legal enforcement to have these weeds removed" Ms Brocklehurst said.
“We urge local residents to act now to remove these weeds.
“There are many beautiful native grasses, such as Elegant Spear Grass and Poa, that are great garden alternatives and attract wildlife.”
Originally from South Africa, Fountain grass and Carrion Flower were planted as ornamental garden plants with many unaware of their potential to spread rapidly and invade our local landscapes.
Whyalla Council and Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula and have been working together to rid the area of these weeds.
Controlled burns conducted over the last few years on the hills in Whyalla have helped remove fountain grass and, along with follow-up herbicide application, have been hugely successful.
For more information contact Kate Brocklehurst 0488 000 481

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