NRM working with traders to prevent pest incursions

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NRM working with traders to prevent pest incursions

A total of 24 plant species were recently added to the declared plants list of South Australia, with their sale and movement now banned within the state.

The newly declared species include gazanias, fountain grass, polygala, buffel grass and carrion flower.

Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula Authorised Officer, Kate Brocklehurst said these problem plants may still be available.

“Some of the newly declared species have traditionally been sold through plant retailers, garden shops and at weekend markets,” Ms Brocklehurst said.

“Many of these plants escape from gardens to become serious weeds, it is hoped the declaration of new plants under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004 will support efforts to protect vulnerable environments.

“As part of an ongoing program, EPNRM Officers visit and work with nurseries, garden stores and market stall holders to promote awareness of declared weeds.

“Store owners who may have been unaware of the recent changes are now removing polygala, gazania and arum lily from sale.”

Community members who would like more information are encouraged to contact the Natural Resources Office in Whyalla on 0488 000 481 or Cleve on 8628 2077.

For more information on South Australia’s declared plants or plants banned from sale, visit the Biosecurity SA website

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