Prescribed burns north of Ceduna

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The Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) is looking to undertake a series of prescribed burns north of Ceduna in the Yumbarra Conservation Park over the next two years, starting this spring.

The proposed burns are to address community concerns following the extensive bushfires north of Ceduna in January 2014.

Fire Management Officer, Niall Stephen says the burns are planned in partnership with the Ceduna Council Bushfire Management Committee and the South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS).

“The intention is to link up bushfire scars with a series of prescribed burns to help limit the spread of future bushfires south of the dog fence where they could impact on the community,” Mr Stephen said.

The size of the proposed prescribed burns this spring will be about 1000 hectares each and as with all burns of this size, a significant smoke column will be produced that will be able to be seen from Ceduna.

National Parks staff will be involved in conducting the burn. Fire crew will ensure that the fire is extinguished by mopping up into the night and patrolling over subsequent days.

“If we do not get appropriate weather conditions this spring, then burns will be postponed until the following autumn when conditions will once again be assessed to ensure they are appropriate to conduct the burn safely”, Mr Stephen said.

While this burn aims to contribute to protecting life and property, it is important to remember that prescribed burning for fuel reduction by itself is not the only method of fire prevention, to limit the impact of bushfire on the community.

Landowner preparation remains the key to preventing property loss. The CFS ‘Bushfire Survival Plan: Prepare. Act. Survive.’ guide is an excellent resource for property owners and public and is available from your local CFS office or by visiting the CFS website.

If you require further information regarding the prescribed burns planned for Yumbarra Conservation Park, contact Fire Management Officer, Niall Stephen on 8688 3111 or visit:

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