Time to apply for water affecting activity permits

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If you are considering building a new dam or constructing a watercourse crossing, now is the right time to apply for your water affecting activity permit.

Works undertaken in watercourses including dam construction, maintenance of drainage channels, excavating in a watercourse, or new watercourse crossings require a permit from Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula.

Water Affecting Activity permits are required to ensure that the proposed works do not have adverse effects on the environment, hydrology, surrounding water resources and ecosystems within the catchments.

Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula Water Resources Assessment Officer Lana Roediger said many of our inland waterways contain native fish species such as the native trout species Common Jollytail (Galaxia maculatus) and Bluespot Goby (Pseudogobius olorum) which migrate through streams.

When watercourse crossings or dams are constructed, it is important construction considers native fish movement within the design, so native fish can migrate and complete their life cycles.

Last year many fish species were recorded in inland waterways across the Eyre Peninsula.

Land managers are encouraged to submit their permit application two months before they wish to undertake the work.

The permit process requires a site visit and assessment. Once permits are granted, they are valid for 12 months.

Alternatively, a site visit can be arranged before a permit is submitted to discuss the scope of the work.

“We encourage land managers to submit applications before harvest for timely processing,” Ms Roediger said.

“Early planning and application now decreases the risk of not having the permit and works approved in time.”

Last year Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula received 30 applications for permits for water affecting activities.

Undertaking water affecting activities without a permit is a breach under the NRM Act 2004 and penalties can apply.

Permit application forms are available online: www.landscape.sa.gov.au/ep/land-and-water/water-affecting-activities

For more information contact Lana Roediger on 8688 3111.

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