$1 million natural resources investment for Eyre Peninsula

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Eyre Peninsula is set to benefit from an additional one million dollars of Natural Resources Management funding with the approval of six new projects encompassing nature-based tourism and regional climate change adaptation needs over the next two years.

The funding comes after the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board formally endorsed the draft EP Regional NRM Plan last month (first stage approval) and will be invested in projects including; an Aboriginal rangers program feasibility study, additional support for local government to manage coastal access, a preliminary assessment of koala habitat and tourism, and two specific climate change adaption projects.

Presiding Member Diana Laube said this is a significant milestone for the Board, with just over $1 million of the Board’s retained earnings to be invested.

“This additional funding comes on the back of three years’ work engaging with the community all across the region, to ensure that the new draft EP Regional NRM Plan is relevant and captures what people value most about the region,” said Ms Laube.

Two climate change adaptation specific projects will step the region forward in preparation for water security and sea-level rise, in alignment with the Eyre Peninsula Climate Change Agreement.

“One project will investigate innovative water management schemes to support industry, and another project will from part of a larger cross-government team to capture new geospatial data using a technique called Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), to assist in modelling sea-level rise for Eyre Peninsula,” Ms Laube said.

“The Board has worked closely with key stakeholders to identify these projects. We look forward to continued collaboration with local government, businesses and community and the positive landscape, livelihood and lifestyle changes these projects will bring,” Ms Laube said.

The Board endorsed Regional NRM Plan is currently with the Minister for Environment for consideration.

For further information please call Susan Stovell on 8688 3201 or email Susan.Stovell@sa.gov.au

Further details on the projects commencing 1 July 2017:

  • Expansion of Nature Tourism on the Northern Coastline of Whyalla – supporting the Whyalla Council to increase tourism visitation, whilst safeguarding the existing environmental assets (such as the Cuttlefish and the heritage listed Shingle dune system)

  • Up to date LiDAR and Imagery capture – that environmentalists, Local Government, industry and other stakeholders can use for sea-level rise modelling, leading to improvements in coastal development decision making and economic growth for the region

  • Sustainable Coastal Access for all – supporting Regional Development Australia, Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula, this project will lead to improved visitor amenities across the region, supporting continued economic growth in the tourism sector, and at the same time minimizing risks associated with increased visitation on the environment.

  • Sustainable Tourism – Koalas and threatened habitats - this project will assist landholders in sustaining an important tourism asset in the Southern Eyre Peninsula region, as well as managing an emerging environmental threat to threatened habitats.

  • Water Security for Sustainable Development - this project aims to investigate water and water security for major developments, emerging industries and “greenfield” sites, whilst at the same time ensuring fit-for-purpose water management regimes are developed.

  • Aboriginal Rangers Program – will investigate whether there is sufficient interest throughout the region to establish and drive a program, similar to the programs currently operating in Queensland and Western Australia.

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