Helicopter used to survey boneseed population

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A helicopter has been used to survey a large boneseed (Chrysanthemoides monilifera) population covering about 5000 hectares of hard-to-access land near Cleve.

A helicopter has been used to survey a large boneseed (Chrysanthemoides monilifera) population covering about 5,000 hectares of hard-to-access land near Cleve.

The survey was done as part of the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board’s ten-year regional boneseed management plan, which aims to eradicate the highly invasive species from Eyre Peninsula.

Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula NRM Officer Corey Yeates said the environmental weed dominated native plant communities, like the threatened Eyre Peninsula blue gum community, and can reduce native plant diversity by up to a quarter.

“The survey took an hour and a half and was conducted when the plants were flowering, making it easier for observers to spot them,” Corey said.

“It will take several years to reduce this infestation to a more manageable level.

“Studies have found that seeds from boneseed plants can remain viable in the soil for at least 10 years.”

“Last year a Work for the Dole team physically pulled plants as well as cutting and swabbing stems with herbicide, but other control methods include burning and grazing.

“We have five more known boneseed sites across eastern Eyre Peninsula that are part of our annual pest control program.”

The survey information will enable NRM officers and affected land managers to develop an effective eradication strategy and prevent further invasion.

Land manager John Turnbull said knowing what they were dealing with meant he could better work with his neighbours and Natural Resources EP to eradicate the weed.

To report or enquire about boneseed and other pest plants or animals contact NREP on (08) 8688 3111.

Made possible with funding from the Australian Governments National Landcare Programme.

For more information about the Eyre Peninsula NRM Board’s Boneseed Management Plan and how to control Boneseed visit: Plants and animals

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