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People are being invited to provide feedback on the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board’s draft Aboriginal Partnerships strategy, which will provide the long-term direction for Aboriginal participation in local natural resources management.

The draft outlines a vision for “an effective partnership between Aboriginal groups and the Eyre Peninsula NRM Board, that supports Aboriginal participation and incorporates traditional knowledge and culture in natural resources management policies, plans and actions”, as well clearly defined measurements of success.

Aboriginal Partnerships Team Leader David Farlam said everyone was encouraged to provide input into the draft strategy.

“We’re focused on listening to your feedback,” David said.

“We would like the final strategy to represent the thoughts and feelings of Aboriginal people on Eyre Peninsula. In the past, Aboriginal people have clearly said that they want greater involvement in managing land and this strategy is a key step towards this.”

Aboriginal NRM Officer Archie Saunders said the strategy showed a holistic Aboriginal approach to the environment.

“Our Elders managed the land for thousands and thousands of years,” Archie said.

“I’m now part of the generation helping to find effective partnerships between Aboriginal communities, organisations and the Eyre Peninsula NRM Board.

“We have come a long way; employment is one of the areas where improvements have been made. For example, we have a wide network of Aboriginal engagement officers across the state, building relationships and partnerships between Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources staff and Aboriginal communities.

“As we all work towards reconciliation, this strategy is about assisting the Eyre Peninsula NRM Board to set the strategic long-term direction for Eyre Peninsula and I encourage you to get involved.”

Aboriginal peoples have a unique and holistic relationship to South Australia’s environment, air, land and waters. Their sense of place and belonging is linked to creation stories, travel, trade, ceremonies, family and places held sacred.

The Eyre Peninsula NRM Board recognises the importance of these strong partnerships with Aboriginal people in the areas of natural resources management that maintain a connection to country and provide another perspective on how we manage the land.

To get a copy of the draft strategy call (08) 8688 3111, visit your nearest Eyre Peninsula Natural Resource Centre , or visit

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