Controlling farm foxes on Eastern Eyre

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Eastern Eyre Peninsula land managers are encouraged to collect free fox baits from Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula at one of their local group fox bait distribution days hosted at eleven convenient locations, beginning on Thursday 21 February and extending until Friday 8 March.

The group bait distribution days offer farmers a time and a place to collect fox baits in their area, in order to maximise the number of neighbouring properties baiting simultaneously, and to also discuss anything in other Natural Resources Management related questions they may have in relation to weed control – such as African lovegrass, pest management (rabbit control) and stock water issues.

Natural Resources Officer Rebekah Davenport said fox control is most effective when land managers work together to undertake baiting at the same time.

“Sheep producers who work together to coincide the timing of fox baiting can expect increases in lambing percentages, sometimes up to as much as 20 per cent, as shown in research by the Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA. Baiting twice a year also delivers better results. Once in autumn before winter lambing, and again during the spring fox breeding season. Early autumn is a good time to bait as juvenile European red foxes are on the move and food sources are often low following summer, which can make a bait very attractive to a young hungry fox,” said Ms Davenport.

Natural Resources Officers will be available from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM at the following eastern Eyre locations, to provide information about fox baiting, different bait types and general feral animal control.

  • Buckleboo Oval – Thursday 21 February
  • Waddikee Oval – Friday 22 February
  • Yadnarie (Tanya Beinke’s Farm House) - Monday 25 February
  • Kelly Hall – Tuesday 26 February
  • Coolanie/Glynn (Jack Curtis’s Farm House) - Wednesday 27 February
  • Darke Peak Info Bay – Thursday 28 February
  • Rudall/Tuckey (Alsbra Park car park) - Friday 1 March
  • Mangalo Hall – Monday 4 March
  • Elbow Hill (Williams Shearing Shed) - Tuesday 5 March
  • Wharminda Hall – Wednesday 6 March
  • Arno Bay (Calliss Baview Farm) - Friday 8 March.

Land managers are reminded to please to bring along a bucket with a sealed lid to collect baits.

Fox baits are also available from all Natural Resources EP offices throughout the year.

Call the Cleve NRM office to make an appointment on 8628 2077, or alternatively call Corey on 0429 677 604 or Rebekah on 0428 282 077.

For the full list Eyre Peninsula bait distribution days visit:

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