Eastern Eyre Peninsula Fox Baiting Group Days

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Annual distribution of free fox baits for land managers can now be collected at various locations across the Eastern Eyre Peninsula

Annual distribution of free fox baits for land managers are to be distributed by Natural Resources Officers at a number of convenient locations across Eastern Eyre Peninsula this February/March. The group bait distribution days offer famers a time and place to collect fox baits in their area.

Natural Resources Management Officer Kellie Cosby said in order to get the best results from fox baiting efforts, it is important for land managers to work strategically with neighbouring properties and bait simultaneously.

“Land managers bait for a variety of reasons including reducing predation on livestock, especially during lambing, as a good neighbour policy, or to protect native wildlife such as birds and reptiles on their property,” said Mrs Crosby.

Primary Industries and Regions SA research indicates that land managers who work with neighbours to coincide the timing of fox baiting can expect increases in lambing percentages, sometimes as much as 20 per cent. Baiting twice a year also delivers better results.

Natural Resources Officer Rebekah Davenport adds that the distribution days are a great chance to engage the community and discuss the importance of feral animal control and working together to achieve results at a landscape level.

“It is a great opportunity to discuss property owners baiting programs, for landholders to ask questions, and for officers to gain perspective of baiting success and fox numbers across different communities” Miss Davenport said.

Free fox baits can be collected at several locations across Eastern Eyre Peninsula. Landholders are reminded to please bring a bucket with a sealed lid to collect baits.

The number of baits allocated to land managers will be at the discretion of Officers and based on property size and previous usage.

Foxoff and De-Fox are available from Natural Resource Eyre Peninsula offices all over Eyre Peninsula when the dried meat baits are unavailable.

Fox Group Baiting Days for Eastern Eyre are listed below:

  • Kelly - Kelly Hall, Tuesday 25 February 9.30am
  • Coolanie/Glynn - Jack Curtis’s farm house, Wednesday 26 February 9.30am
  • Darke Peak - Darke Peak Silos, Thursday 27 February 9.30am
  • Tuckey/Rudall - Alsbra Park, Friday 28 February 9.30am
  • Mangalo - Mangalo Hall, Monday 2 March 9.30am
  • Elbow Hill - Greg Williams Shearing Shed, Tuesday 3 March 9.30am
  • Wharminda - Wharminda Hall, Wednesday 4 March 9.30am
  • Arno Bay - Baldy Calliss Farm house, Thursday 5 March 9.30am
  • Buckleboo -Buckleboo Oval, Friday 6 March 9.00am

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