Upgraded salinity testing for local farmers

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Farmers in the Streaky Bay area now have access to an upgraded free water salinity testing service through the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board.

8 September 2020

“If you rely on water from dams or groundwater sources such as soaks, bores and wells, it is important to regularly check your water quality,” says Landscape Officer Libby Hunt.

“Salinity is one aspect of water quality that should be tested twice a year – we recommend testing in February/March and now in August/September.

“Testing stock water is important for any farming business as water quality can change over time and even from season to season. Stock that have access to good water will generally be stronger and healthier animals.”

While the Landscape Board has had water testing services available previously, it now has a new testing meter in Streaky Bay which will lead to greater accuracy in the readings and a quicker turn-around time.

The free water testing available through the Landscape Board is only for salinity and does not include any other testing like metals, bugs and bacteria.

To use the free testing service, landholders should take a sample of the water and then drop it off at their nearest landscape office including not only Streaky Bay but also Wudinna, Ceduna, Elliston, Cleve, Tumby Bay and Port Lincoln.

To collect a good water sample, the following method should be use:

  • Use a clean plastic or glass container with a good sealing lid that can hold at least 500ml of water.
  • Mark the container with your name, phone number or postal address, date of sample taken, and the ID/name of the dam, well or water source.
  • Rinse the container three times with the water to be sampled before filling the container to take the final sample.
  • Wells and bores not pumped recently will need to be purged before taking a water sample – this means pumping the well for a period of at least three well volumes of water to get a non-contaminated sample.

Results are expected back within two days.

For further information see our website: www.landscape.sa.gov.au/ep/land-and-water/managing-water-resources/water-testing

The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board came into effect on 1 July 2020, replacing the former Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board.

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